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PostSubject: Allison Deuel   Allison Deuel Icon_minitimeTue Feb 10, 2015 7:49 pm

David True was born in 1942 on Ohio, but currently resides in New York. He received his masters from Ohio University in 1967 and has been featured in many exhibits since. He has also won many awards. He painted people for most of his career, but later switched to nature. He was originally influenced by minimal art, so he used a lot of recognizable objects but turned them into simple, bold shapes.

I have always been drawn to art featuring nature, especially bodies of water. I chose David True because in most of the prints on the website there seems to be a theme relating to the ocean or nature. I really like the simplicity of his prints. But, some of his prints are a little more involved and the viewer has to take a few extra seconds the really see the picture. There are big bold areas of color that create familiar shapes. He uses color to really set the mood of his prints. They all have an emotion paired with them, because of his color use. My favorite is Fragile Wings. The colors are so vibrant and remind me of boating in the summer.

Even though I like the more involved prints some of they do seem a little too busy. Some of the more simple prints look unfinished, and I feel like they should have more color. They look like part was printed and the other part was drawn with a pencil. Some of the prints are a little dark, and I wish they were lighter. I feel like when they are too dark it distracts from the image. Besides two of his prints he sticks to the same general color scheme of blues and greens. I think he should try and build a range of colors in his prints.
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