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 Elle Hedgpeth:Sherrie Levine

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Elle Hedgpeth:Sherrie Levine Barcha17

Sherrie Levine was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania in 1947. Sherrie didn't necessarily grow up learning about art through her first hand experiences through school or family, but rather, she learned about experiencing art through books and magazines. Sherrie pursued her studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, through her college years she took commercial art jobs to pursue her interest even more in image repetition and mechanical reproduction. 1977 Levine was one of five artists that were included in the landmark exhibition "Pictures" at the Artist's Space in New York City. In 1981 Metro Pictures Gallery mounted Levine's first major solo exhibition. Her portfolio of artwork had to do with the Depression-era photographs that were re-photographer from Walker Evans' series.

I enjoy looking at Sherries' pieces because of the simplicity of them. In multiple of her pieces she uses a gold texture, which I enjoy the sepia with the gold tone on her prints. The idea she has for taking the texture of what would be a log or tree, or aspen tree, I enjoy looking at because of how simple, but in my opinion so enjoyable to look at because of the nature side. Her other piece of just the women's face which appears to be one from her depression-era I enjoy looking at because of the woman's face being the center point and having the textures around her. But what I like most about this print is the black and white colors she decided to do.

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Elle Hedgpeth:Sherrie Levine
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