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 Nick Lee - Robert Bechtle

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Nick Lee

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PostSubject: Nick Lee - Robert Bechtle   Nick Lee - Robert Bechtle Icon_minitimeFri Feb 13, 2015 10:16 pm

I'm just going to start by saying I absolutely love this man's work.

Born in 1932, Robert Bechtle has focused his life's work around his incredibly hyperrealistic oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints.  This San Franciscan native graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts after receiving his MFA, and has since then concentrated on capturing the beauty and essence of the urban Bay Area. Many of his most esteemed works include scenes of streets, cars, individuals he is familiar with in his life, and his works have been featured in many exhibits in San Francisco, as well as internationally.

His etchings are particularly compelling to me. I have always been an admirer of California themed artwork, however his work captures an entirely different aspect than the stereotypical California lifestyle.  His works have an "empty" quality to them. The colors are toned down, and there almost appears to be very little emotions being reflected. It's almost like he is freezing time. The hyperrealism of his work is mesmerizing to me, and it blows my mind that he is able to express these scenes of everyday life so well. I can only imagine how much time and meticulousness goes into each piece of his work.

Nick Lee - Robert Bechtle 20_Capri_02
20th Street Capri, 2002
Color direct gravure with spit bite aquatint and soft ground etching

Nick Lee - Robert Bechtle Bechtle_73Malibu
73' Malibu, 1974
Oil on canvas
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Nick Lee - Robert Bechtle
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